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Freedom Girl

Treasure, Love & Freedom

Freedom Girl Solid Silver Statue

January 20th, 2016 – Nearly one year after the release of the epic Slave Queen solid silver 20oz statue, our team introduces for your consideration images of the very first cast of the all-new Freedom Girl statue!

Weighing slightly less than the Slave Queen monstrosity, the Freedom Girl bust contains more than 15 Troy ounces of solid silver. Inspired by 2013’s best-selling coin, Russian master sculptor Grin NT fashioned Freedom Girl in 3D form, intertwining celtic patterns on the statue’s base. Freedom Girl leans on an oversized replica of the also best-selling Trivium design.

We’re putting the final touches on the prototype, and Freedom Girl will be ready for market in just a few weeks! Subscribe on the right to get updates and be the first to know when she’s available!

Celebrating the End of The Great War

The Peace Dollar is regarded as one of the most beautiful coins in the world. It was struck by the US mint after World War One commemorating the “War to End All Wars”. 34 year old sculptor Anthony de Francisci used his wife Teresa as a model for the coin. This coin is one of the most classically beautiful coins in the US Mint’s history. It is now time to create a more modern beauty.

Freedom is Sexy

Freedom Girl is the first medallion in the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series done with full creative control given to Heidi Wastweet. Heidi is known for her images of strong and beautiful women, most notably, Pandora Defiant. Now she has created a new beauty for a new generation.

Treasure, Love & Freedom

Men have been know to fight to the death for women, treasure and freedom. Freedom Girl is a stunning combination of all three.

Every aspect of Heidi’s design brings out a gorgeous update of the classic Peace Dollar. The original Peace Dollar had her hair tied in a bun with an uncomfortable tiara perched on her head. Freedom Girl’s hair is wild and free. Freedom Girl’s parted lips and gaze of almost ecstasy looking forward to the future is so seductive, as Freedom should be. Even her shoulder arching forward brings out more emotion from this modern beauty. She is finished off with modern cues of a hoop earring and a tattoo of the Trivium. The Trivium is the foundation for individual freedom from outside manipulation. What better way to make Freedom sexy than Freedom Girl?

statue_of_liberty-cryingA War of Words: Freedom or Liberty?

As with so many other words in our language, there is a psychological war going on to control us, even between the words Freedom and Liberty. We chose “Freedom” over the Peace Dollar’s “Liberty” simply because Liberty is Freedom granted by a power. This is most notable when military men are granted 24 hour liberty to go out on the town. Whereas Freedom is the ability of the individual to do whatever they want with their time without coercion. A tyrant can give Liberty, but not Freedom. A man can only assert his Freedom or give it away.

Freedom Girl Silver paraDIME & the Return of Value

In 1964, the USA began eliminating silver from circulating coinage, further distancing money from the value it’s supposed to serve. By 1970, all traces of silver – respected money used for thousands of years – was gone from US currency. Within a dozen years, the rest of the world followed suit, replacing silver coins with nickel, aluminum & tin. Though many countries and private mints create silver bullion coins, none of these are intended for circulation. Coins are purchased by investors & collectors as a store of value or novelty item. Rarely are these coins traded for goods & services.

The silver Freedom Girl paraDIME is created specifically for circulation. It’s small and easy to carry & trade. With a matte finish, it doesn’t scratch easily when carried in a pocket. Its value isn’t dependent upon the rarity or condition of the coin. Circulate a silver paraDIME and return value to your trade.

Freedom Girl - Revised

Freedom Girl…Revised

Freedom Girl was born on January 29th, 2013. Her conception was the result of months of collaboration, as her creators hoped to embody within her the spirit of Freedom – wild, sexy, intelligent and ready for whatever life throws at her.

She got a Trivium tattoo on her left shoulder – it served as a constant reminder of the importance of objective observation, rational thought and good communication. Instantly successful, fame and fortune showered upon her. The future looked bright.

But Freedom Girl was young, and naivety got the best of her.

Early in her life, it appeared as if her maker was a god. People seemed to love him, fear him, and his doctrine spread far and wide. But life was different at home. She couldn’t help but notice the glaring contradictions between his teachings and his actions. And worst of all, he wanted her to constantly be afraid.

Freedom Girl’s maker knew it was only a matter of time before she discovered his fraud. After a widely publicized confrontation, she was abandoned. With only the clothing on her back, Freedom Girl set out to explore the world, hoping to discover why the universe could allow such a charlatan to exist.

She thought of her early days, spent listening to stories about debt, and death, and elitists and overlords and enslavers of mankind; but in all of her travels, she couldn’t find any basis in reality to be afraid of them. To Freedom Girl, it was like hearing tales of the boogey-man or some other fictional monster. Sure, evil existed, but her only personal experience of tyrants was from the very person that warned her of them.

Freedom Girl spent months reflecting – considering every cause and effect that led to her skyrocketing fame and and subsequent fall. But before long, she grew weary of living in the past.

And then, without wasting another moment, Freedom Girl turned her life around and set out to recreate the bright future she was destined to enjoy.

sovereign_pl_300To mark the occasion, she got a new tattoo. She chose the Tree of Life for her right arm, to complement the Trivium on her left. From studying nature, and the natural order of all life, Freedom Girl realized that although the world can be a dangerous place with a few bad apples, true Freedom comes from living, and a desire to be alive, and to live always without fear.

Freedom Girl doesn’t spend much time any more thinking about the past. She only glances back now and then, like the double-faced Roman deity Janus, not to remember the hurt or to bear a grudge, but to educate herself from her actions, and the actions of others.

Now, armed with a new perspective on life and devoid of all fear, Freedom Girl looks to the future, already enjoying the peace and happiness that can only come from a spirit such as her own.

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