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Slave Queen makes an appearance to celebrate 2016: The Year of the KRAKEN!

Paired up with 2013’s best-selling Silver Bullet Silver Shield Slave Queen “Keep Calm & Slave On” coin, SBSS is proud to release the Kraken – a phrase we’re sure you’ll hear all too often this year.

Like the legendary sea monster of your nightmares, the Kraken Queen is released, bringing her tentacles of debt & death to silver stackers worldwide.

The Kraken Queen is available in four distinct versions: an open-run, cost-effective 1oz Brilliant-Uncirculated version, as well as (2016) Proof-Like mirror finish versions, (1000) individually numbered mirror-finish proof coins, and finally (500) individually numbered antique finish proofs.


Special Edition Antique Kraken

March 15th, 2016 – With only 500 authorized, the Kraken Queen also is being offered in a ultra-rare Antique Edition, which we think is SUPER cool.

Always keep it cocked and locked, as you never know when the Kraken Queen will show her ugly head.

Also available in Brilliant Uncirculated, Proof-Like & Individually Numbered Proof.

Brilliant Uncirculated


Numbered Proof

Antique Edition

Sculpt Complete!

January 15th, 2016 – Italian master sculptor Luigi Badia hits the nail on the head once again with the absolutely beautiful Kraken Queen 10″ plaster sculpt. After a thorough comparison to the original 2d art, we’re convinced that no changes or modifications are necessary to achieve perfection, and so now all we need to do is digitally add the weight, purity and “AOCS APPROVED” and the die will be good to go!

Orders opening soon!

Promo images

December 15th, 2015 – here are a few banners you’re welcome to use for the upcoming Kraken Queen promotion!

2016…Year of the Kraken?

December 8th, 2015 – the universe often works in mysterious ways. We were having a conversation with an industry friend, that said – ‘hey! look at the new coin I’m working on! It’s THE KRAKEN!’. And we said “oh crap.” The very next day, we were telling this funny story to our buddy at Anonymous Mint, and he said ‘you’ll never know what die I just cut…it’s for THE KRAKEN.’ Then, an email shows up from another coin vendor saying ‘hey, just want to let you know that we’ll be releasing THE KRAKEN shortly too.’ All the while, we said “just wait till you see our next concept…it’s THE KRAKEN!” So, here we are, arriving right on time at the party to celebrate 2016: the Year of the Kraken!

Silverbug KRAKEN

Anonymous Mint KRAKEN

The KRAKEN Queen

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